Conscious Agility: Conscious Capitalism, Business Agility, and Resilience & Antifragility

Conscious Agility begins with a fresh canvas first gaining shape, perspective, and breadth (sketch); then contrast and depth (shading the sketch); and finally detail and focus (texturing the shaded sketch).

Conscious Agility (2013) is a practical approach for evolutionary transformation. At the heart of the approach is “fundamental change” powered by the Human Element.

Foundationally, the approach is uniquely organic, simultaneous, and holistic in addressing a business perspective, organizational perspective, and culture perspective. And additionally, the approach is neutral and pragmatic by being business or industry domain agnostic and technology agnostic, and may be combined with other approaches.

Reality is complex (or “messy”) and involves individuals, collectives, and enterprises across entangled ecosystems.

These ecosystems exist in many contexts, including corporations, organizations, businesses, divisions, departments, teams, communities, social and civic groups, markets and industries, etc.

Given today’s turbulent world, Conscious Agility — which emerges from Conscious Capitalism, Business Agility, and Resilience & Antifragility — invigorates individuals, collectives, and enterprises to benefit from uncertainty and the unknown.

While business agility, ecosystems and platforms, resilience and antifragility, and complexity are now more in vogue than ever before, join these pioneering practitioners — Si Alhir, Brad Barton, and Mark Ferraro — to explore how their original work has progressed, has been leveraged by many, and how you too can benefit to survive and thrive in the twenty-first century.

See the Transformation (2010/2011) and 10-year Reunion (2019), AutoVIN Transformation (2012) and 10-year Reunion (2019), and Micro Strategies Transformation case experiences for more information, and see The Antifragility Edge for how some of this work has progressed.


Who is Si, Brad, and Mark? What was the journey to Conscious Agility (2013) and who/what influenced you most? What has been the journey beyond Conscious Agility (2013) and who/what influenced you most? Why these foundational pillars? How have you used these pillars? How has your use of these pillars progressed (since the book)? How about other pillars?

Why evolutionary transformation? How have you used your approach to catalyze transformative experiences? How have you used your approach to cultivate the co-creation of value? How has your approach progressed (since the book)? What about successes/wins where things worked and failures/losses where things did not work? What did you learn and how has it been integrated into your approach (as it has progressed)? How about other approaches?

What key learnings have you embraced based on your journey? What are you focused on now/next?